Easel Film

We were briefed by Iain Ovenden of Easel film to create a brand and provide a cms based website. Starting with the logo we quickly realised that the A in easel provided a simple, but effective device for an icon. Moving onto the site design Iain wanted to get across the range of work he covers as well as his years of experience in camerawork. Having provided us with dozens of stills from his many jobs we went about designing the site. We found that by creating an animated collage of screens (‘Sliver’ style) for each section we could get across the broad range of work Iain and Easel film have produced over the years. Also by keeping the design simple and the colour palette fairly neutral you let the work stand out for itself. Overall easelfilm provides a good example of what can be produced with a relatively small budget on a fast turnaround – roughly three weeks for brief to completion.