WIPO: IP Challenge

A fun and educational game on Intellectual Property developed for WIPO, aimed at children and young adults. Follow the stories of four culturally diverse characters as they learn and acquire Intellectual Property protection in a range of subjects covering music, fashion, filmmaking and science.



IP Challenge was also a big hit in other WIPO territories so we were asked to translate the game into Indonesian, Portuguese, Spanish and Vietnamese.

ProbityCo – For Business

This site provides information and documentation on how to withhold taxes from the government at such times when the government is in breach of domestic and international law. The brief was to make the site appealing to business owners and communicate the ProbityCo message as succinctly as possible.


Palisades Park Pictures

Palisades Park Pictures needed a sophisticated looking website to showcase their current slate but also to have a searchable archive of their back catalog. However, we suggest you visit the site just to witness an epic brand introduction.


Norah Movie EPK

It was nice to go back to our film marketing roots during the build of this online EPK for the film, Norah. Set in Saudi Arabia in the 90s this deeply moving story is about two soulmates who find each other and discover the driving creative forces within themselves. 

Its the first feature film to be shot in its entirety in AlUla and was created by a wholly Saudi Arabian cast, crew directed by a Riyadh-born creative, Tawfik Alzaidi.


Norah at the Cannes Film Festival

Norah sets another record by being the first Saudi film in history to be selected for the Cannes Film Festival and not only that, goes onto to win a “Special Mention” award. It was our pleasure to help produce all the press materials ranging from magazine covers to giant banners hung from hotel balconies. The EPK website was a rolling resource we supported prior, during and post festival.

Norah now moves to the next stage… Cinema release.

Red Palm Pictures

Red Palm Pictures is a band new Film Production company based in Saudi Arabia. Vanishing Point was asked to design and build a contemporary website that would make an eye catching impact and attract creative talent from around the world. 


TwentyOne Entertainment

TwentyOne Entertainment distributes high-quality Arabic and international cinematic content in cinemas in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The logo features a child playing with a traditional playground toy so we took this forward into the look and feel of the site. The animation was our little touch. 


Siemens Energy: Transition Mission

How do you explain a complex problem but also allow people to experiment with solutions? You build a simulator.

Working very closely with a wonderful team at Siemens Energy we designed and developed a game that challenges players to reduce the carbon emissions from an existing energy eco-system. Using strategy to sequencing a variety of upgrades and technologies you can navigate your way through the energy transition process to eventually achieve net zero… but can you do it by 2050?


NZTC: Decarbonisation Calculator

Very cleaver people at Siemens Energy developed a mathematical algorithm to calculate the cost saving and CO2 output by using alternative fuels with existing Gas Turbines.

Vanishing Point was asked to build a user-friendly interface to allow manual adjustment of the parameters. The calculator style had to be in keeping with the host site (www.netzerotc.com) and integrate with WordPress through a short-code. Honestly… this smacked right in the middle of our wheel house.