Siemens: Energy Farm


The success of Energy Island led to a second phase of the project. The concept of Energy Farm was to ‘zoom ‘in’ on the island and focus on the energy requirements of a specific business…in this case a farm. As a result we are able to develop a much more sophisticated app which not only mixed and matched different technologies to power the farm, but also factored in other elements such as weather conditions, the national grid, self sufficiency, running costs, your eco rating and more.

This is a project that pinpoints the essence of what Vanishing Point is all about. Producing cutting edge educational interactivity with a positive message.


Teaching Trailers 25th Anniversary Edition

Teaching Trailers has come a long way from when it first started back in1994, when a VHS was sent out to schools containing 10 trailers and a worksheet. This 25th anniversary edition is jam packed with all the latest trailers from the main UK distributors, anchored around curriculum based activities suitable for Primary and Secondary education.

Journey to Justice 2.0

We built the original Journey to Justice website nearly five years ago and over time the charity has grown dramatically, as has its vision and direction. After the best part of a year (and much consultation) we have launched a new ‘shop front’ for JtoJ focusing on the key areas it now covers. The response has been overwhelmingly positive.

The Movie Partnership

The Movie Partnership work with Independent Distributors, Sales Agents, Producers and Financiers releasing over 3,500 films and 2,000 hours of television across 80 countries. We were briefed with building a site that not only showed their releases (trailers, synopsis, galleries), but also gave (password protected) access to downloadable assets. The site continues to grow, as additional features are being developed all the time.

Camaradarie Films

The brainchild of Suzie Halewood Cameraderie handles direct sales and film distribution. We were tasked with creating a simple, but none-the-less impactful site, that showcases the company and its most recent release Division 19.

Police Spies Out of Lives

We were proud to be asked to help this campaign organisation that supports the legal actions and participation in the Public inquiry into Undercover Policing. The original website although packed full of important information needed a more polished window to display the content.
We first came up with a new logo and colour palette then went about updating the site around that. We look forward to working again with the team later in the year so stay tuned for developments.

The Sevenoaks Animator

This website was built to showcase the fantastic skills of experienced motion graphics designer Dawn Donohoe. The b/w icon based interface gives off a sophisticated tone and an unexpected contract to the visually stimulating video content that really pops out once you access the clips.

Pump Clips and label design

One unsuspected turn, from the continued management of the Bristol Brewery School website was the production of marketing materials for the New Bristol Brewery. The most enjoyable part of which was the opportunity to design new beer bottle labels and pump clips all of which feature Alfred, Bristol’s famous Gorilla.

Journey To Justice: Interactive Map

Since we started working with Journey to Justice nearly 4 years ago, their travelling exhibition has covered the length and breath of the British Isles. So now with nearly 20 locations we thought the time was now right to produce an interactive map what would allow users to access information specific to each location, in a fun and engaging way.