Experience 12

Having previously known Chris from our days at Beatwax and being involved in their rebrand shortly before he left, we were chuffed when he approached us to look at creating the brand and online presence for his new company, Experience 12. We were in a fortunate position where Chris had a very clear idea of exactly what he wanted. We also knew that to meet Chris’s high standards we needed to pull out all the stops to produce a brand he could be proud of.

Starting with the logo, Experience 12 conjured up images of 1950s b-movies (Plan 9 From Outer Space/Area 51 etc) and seeing as Chris is so closely involved with film and loves film inspired art like mondo we quickly nailed how the logo should look.

Moving onto the site we knew it would be a challenge, as we couldn’t rely on any photography for phase one of the site. It needed to be purely typographical and relied heavily on illustrations. We found the best solution was to create typographic illustrated panels for the company manifesto (much like a traveling medicine man selling his Snake oil on the American frontier). This combined with various fonts and textures resulted in a rich display, that hopefully made the lack of photography a conceptual decision rather than one made through necessity. To conclude Experience 12 proves you can produce a good looking site from just a word file and a client with a keen eye on what he or she wants.