Strike Media

As part of a complete rebrand, Strike Media approached us to handle the design & development of their new website and a pretty awesome idea for an interactive poster.
Starting with the site, Strike were keen to have something fresh & modern that worked in a similar way to Pinterest. A simple to use CMS was essential, as was a responsive design that looked great on mobile & tablet devices. Taking a poster Strike had commissioned by illustrator Edward Tuckwell as our starting point, we were able to come up with a successful look & feel that ticked all the boxes.
As well as the website we also handled the digital side of the Strike Media poster. This 80’s themed poster featured icons from popular movies of the decade with the tagline ‘I want answers’. When this was sent out to the industry the web link at the bottom of the poster would take them to our interactive version of the poster which would launch the movie trailers when you clicked on the icons.