Interactive 360’s

Teaming up with a professional car photographer Vanishing Point was asked to provide technical support and web deployment to present interactive 360 views of car interiors.

Car manufactures use the 360 views as part of their marketing materials via media sites or digital press-kits. You can see an example of a Mazda CX-5 or visit the ChromaCloud 360 portfolio website… which we also built btw.

WHO – Concise Guide


This website supports a much larger printed document commissioned by the World Health Org. This interactive version of the guide provides hyper-links and short-cuts to the 5 implementation phases plus a search feature to speed up information finding.

The Chroma Cloud

The Chroma Cloud is a bespoke subscription based application for managing and coordinating digital assets through a web portal. Designed to meet the needs of the fast passed automotive PR industry the platform provides an efficient way to receive, view and distribute assets to client media sites, online news depots and magazine agencies.
Vanishing Point maintains the running of the service, provides technical support and high-end image retouching. For more details check out this animated infomercial. (credit: The Sevenoaks Animator)

Curation Health

An infographic video explaining the business model for Curation Health. This platform is for industry experts to collate health facts and data from around the globe into a clear and simple tailored report for the subscriber to view.

HighSpeed 2 Educational App

This interactive quiz was designed to support a larger exhibition outlining the technical considerations involved in the building of the HighSpeed 2 rail link. The application was installed on a number of iPads located in the Education section for young teens to explore some basic engineering principles.

Film Distribution: Connecting Films With Audiences

This was our first venture into the world of MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). Working through the FutureLearn digital education platform we (together with our friends at The Film Space) produced this extensive 4 week course that takes you through the film distribution process. A fascinating and hugely rewarding project to be involved in.

The Dreaded…GDPR

As with most digital agencies we have had to get on top of the new GDPR laws that have recently come into place. Working with our client base we went through all effected sites containing databases or forms and implemented the new regulations accordingly.

J K Minerva Branding

Nice little branding job for accountancy firm J K Minerva. Minerva is the greek goddess of wisdom and she is often accompanied by an owl, known as the ‘owl of Athena’ or ‘owl of Minerva’. The client loved the idea of the owl and so after several variations we arrived at the above logo.

Strike Media

Having created the original website for Strike Media back in 2014 it was now time for a smart new site for 2018. The brief was to move away from the (now slightly dated) Pinterest format to more of a boxed led design. The client was very happy with the results and the new site received some very nice feedback!

Respect for Copyright: Localisations

The original print based units continue to have a life of their own, having now been re-worked into French, Spanish and Arabic.